As we hand make to order its important to take time to find your perfect fit before you place your order.

For the most accurate measurement we suggest visiting your local Jewellery store to confirm your ring size, however we will give you a few ways to work out your ring size at home.

Option 1

Measure your ring size online, firstly find a similar sized ring to the one you wanting to purchase,. For example if you are choosing a thin ORA band ring, choose a thin band ring to measure with. If  you are purchasing an a thicker ORA band ring, please use a thicker band ring to measure.

To measure your ring size online, click here


Option 2

If you want to know your ring size before visiting a jeweller there is an easy way of finding the perfect fit. Simply follow the steps below to measure your ideal ring’s inner circumference, then find the corresponding size from our ring size guide.

How to measure your ring size using string

  • Cut a piece of thin wire or non-stretchable string.
  • Wrap the piece of wire or string around the finger where the ring will be worn, making sure it’s not too tight or too loose.
  • Find the exact place where the wire or string completes the circle around your finger then use a marker to draw a line to mark the spot.
  • To find the inner circumference of the ring, measure the “completed circle” piece of the wire or string with a ruler (in mm).
  • Use the engagement ring size guide to convert the inner circumference measurements to your ideal ring size.

You can also use a ring you already have by measuring the inside circumference and following the same procedure as described above.

Keep in mind that the size of your fingers usually differ from your right to your left hand, so make sure you measure the correct finger.

Note: When placing an order, please always provide us with the UK ring size